don't listen

my body tells me to go to bed,

rather than revealing

dealing with what needs to escape my head

until we are absolved

and the vain lifestyles solved,

the contents of wallets, ignored 

without the need to feel abhorred,

we trap ourselves in this hum.


 continuing the empty we wish to become,

aware of the reality of our choice,

leering life, becoming free and numb

 but fearing life, thought, growth,


as I’d rather be twiddling my thumb

i still hate the way that i hurt you

i do,

but the only way i could’ve dealt

was to remove myself 

and place our life on a shelf

you will sell sell yourself short,

preventing yourself of

what you’ve needed to do


you just have to look up at the stars

and be thankful,

no matter where you are.

we are apart of something so much greater,

to create ourselves constantly

and always look forward to what may happen

much later

we expect so much

but give so


I’m sorry I’m a mess

I’m sorry I’m not the best

all I want to do is whatever I want

which is ridiculous,

because I have nothing to do.

I need education.